9600 Crawford Lacrimal Intubation Set (without suture):

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Battery Powered Cautery
Crawford MONO-Canaliculus 

Two flexible stainless steel probes (040mm dia. wires) with an olive-shaped tip and the other ends joined by a length of silicone tubing (outside dia. 0.64mm, inside dia. 0.30mm).  This is the original Crawford Lacrimal Intubation Set

9602 Crawford II Lacrimal Intubation Set (without suture):

Same as 9600 above except the silicone tubing is 0.94mm dia. outside x 0.51mm dia. inside.

9601 Crawford Lacrimal Intubation Set (with suture):

Same as 9600 (above) except this version contains a 6-0 braided silk suture within the lumen (center) of the silicone tube to aid in tying off the tubing ends after intubation.

9603 Crawford II Lacrimal Intubation Set (with suture):

Same as 9601 (above) except the silicone tubing is 1.94 mm dia. outside x 0.51 mm dia. inside.

9607 Crawford Mono-Canalicular  Intubation Set:

This Mono-Canalicular intubation set incorporates all the same great features as the original Crawford Lacrimal Intubation system.  A fine retention mechanism holds the silicone tube firmly in the  punctum.

9606 Crawford Bellan Pigtail Probe:

The set uses the same silicone tube and 6-0 silk suture as a normal Crawford Intubation System.  The two probes have been modified to facilitate placement in the upper lacrmal system.  This product will be particularly useful in trauma cases involving a severed upper or lower canaliculus.

9620 Crawford Tubing Remover:

A specially designed probe on which the silicone tubing may be threaded.

9630 Crawford Tubing Stripper:

Used to cut and remove excess tubing from the silk suture.  This exposes the suture for unimpeded tying.  This device is only required when using Crawford Lacrimal Intubation Sets with a suture (9601,9603, 9606)

9610 Crawford Retrieval Hook:

Used to pick up the probe (after insertion) under the inferior turbinate in the nose.

9611 Anderson-Hwang Grooved Director:

The Grooved Director greatly simplifies retrieval of the olive tip probe. The Grooved Director has the following advantages: 1) minimizes trauma and bleeding of the nasal mucosa; 2) greatly simplifies the intubation technique by trapping the olive tip probe; 3) allows infracture of the inferior turbinate if required.  The Grooved Director also simplifies placement of tubes during a DCR.  The olive tip of the Crawford Set may be engages either under direct visualization or with the use of an endoscope.

9650 Instructional Video:

A video tape demonstrating the use of the Crawford Lacrimal Intubation System is available at no charge.  Please contact our Customer Service Department

9650 Codere Endonasal Procedure:

A CD Rom demonstrating Dr. Francois Codere’s technique performing an Endonasal DCR is available at no charge

*Note: Intubation sets are supplied sterile and are single use products. The hook, stripper, and grooved director are intended to be sterilized at the hospital and can be reused provided they are not damaged

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